The Police Experience

About the Band

"Roxanne," "Message In A Bottle", "Walking On The Moon," "Every Breath You Take...." you'll hear all your favorite Police songs, you'll get transported back to the 80's, you'll experience what it was like to see one of the world's best bands in their prime- all live!

Since 2002, THE POLICE EXPERIENCE has been living inside the music of The Police and performing it all over the world. It the classic band as you remember them- vital, exciting, hypnotizing- with extraordinary attention to detail. THE POLICE EXPERIENCE has been amazing audiences; from young fans of 80s music who may not have even heard of The Police, to the most hardcore of fans who grew up with those songs as the soundtrack of their lives.

THE POLICE EXPERIENCE show is as close as it gets to seeing The Police in their prime. Using the original 3-person line-up, the original instruments, the effects, the gadgets, the clothes, ...all the bells and whistles. The band recreates the energetic live shows that earned The Police the reputation as a top-notch live act, that took their brilliantly crafted songs to an entirely different level when played on stage.

Over the years the band has also amassed a great group of "friends" who love the band:

"...every nuance, all the drum parts, and the singer has Sting down to a tee..."
-Stewart Copeland (Drummer, Founder- THE POLICE)

"...the best copy band I've see to date- Close your eyes and it's my boys"
-Miles Copeland (Manager, THE POLICE)

"...All of a sudden I was transported back to 1983... they knew every single Police song versions too!"
-Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)

Celebrating his birthday- Stewart Copeland himself sat in with THE POLICE EXPERIENCE, and tore the house down with "Driven To Tears" and "Roxanne." For the band it was an honor and a solid affirmation of their efforts to play with one of the world's most talented rock drummers ever and the founding member of The Police.

THE POLICE EXPERIENCE is the OFFICIAL POLICE TRIBUTE BAND. A true "tribute" to one of the best rock and roll bands ever. So if you love The Police, this is as close as it gets.

Whether it's a club, festival, private party or corporate function, THE POLICE EXPERIENCE is an exciting, high-energy show that will amaze audiences and provide an adrenaline filled burst of nostalgia to anyone who spent their formative years in the 80s. If you like Rock/Reggae/Pop/Jazz/New Wave/Punk/Fusion/ Funk, THE POLICE EXPERIENCE will simply blow you away!