James Elliott Entertainment

Providing world-class entertainment with the West Coast’s very best tribute bands

James Elliott Entertainment is a consummate specialist, representing an exclusive roster of top-tier tribute bands. The exceptional acts available through James Elliott Entertainment are ready to support and advance the entertainment needs of quality venues.

Based in Southern California, James Elliott Entertainment is helmed by James Elliott himself, a former music label executive with decades of experience. Elliott uses the knowledge honed from years in the recording industry and his innate ability to identify top talent, the exceptional tribute bands that stand out from all others.

Added to that, James Elliott Entertainment is adept at fostering outstanding working relationships with performance venues, taking their entertainment needs into account.

Combining an understanding of what separates the very best tribute bands stand from the competition with the ability to expertly serve the venue, James Elliott Entertainment can and will create win-win opportunities benefitting both performers and the places where they play.

Why Tribute Bands?

Simply put, Tribute Bands bring the sights and sounds of the most famous musical artists to more people. James Elliott Entertainment believes and advances that the tribute band world is an important part of music entertainment. Original acts will not last forever, but their music lives on through younger fans and newer generations. Original fans want the chance to relive the music they have long loved. Younger fans embrace the opportunity to enjoy the music of acts they will never be able to see live.

To meet and satisfy the wishes of those audiences, the acts James Elliott Entertainment books are well-known and have strong reputations for filling venues.

What James Elliott Entertainment does…

Founded in 2007. James Elliott Entertainment has cultivated a roster of only the best tribute bands on the west coast. Elliott himself might easily argue that his stable of artists are the very best of their genres anywhere in the world.

With a strong stable of artists in his realm, Elliott professionally offers the following:

-Management and booking for an exclusive number of high-end tribute bands
-Representation and booking for additional top-flight tribute acts representing the best of their genres
-Advisement to quality tribute bands looking to expand their reach
-Relationship building with quality venues
-Professional service to those venues in booking acts sure to draw audiences
-Coordination of quality bookings and show dates for his stable of acts
--Effectiveness in meeting the booking needs of acts and the business needs of the venue.

James Elliott Entertainment has a proven track record with both the company’s impressive roster of tribute bands and with meeting the professional needs of performance venues. Exclusivity and quality are the hallmarks of what James Elliott Entertainment can provide its arts and the performance outlets where they play.