Cousin Oliver Cavalcade of Hits

About the Band

"COUSIN OLIVER's Cavalcade of Hits" is a colorful, visual, and unique "70's Radio Hits" band led by musician/actor ROBBIE RIST, well known for playing the beloved character "Cousin Oliver" on THE BRADY BUNCH hit television show. Rather than playing the same old "Classic Rock" songs that are being overplayed by many groups nowadays, the band concentrates on performing much of the music heard on AM radio during the 1970's. A unique era when everything from Pop, Rock, Soul, and the humorous "novelty" songs of the day, were absolutely superb.

In addition to recreating the music, Robbie is a masterful, humorous storyteller during the band's performances. Having appeared on such television shows in the 1970's such as The Bionic Woman, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, CHIPS, and many others, the band has a "built-in celebrity" from the era, instantly taking the audience back in time with an iconic, familiar face. All of these elements create a one of a kind concert/show experience, like no other.

Robbie Rist - Guitar & Vocals
Karen Basset - Bass & Vocals
Don Frankel - Keyboards, Guitar, & Vocals
Rolly DeVore - Drums & Vocals
Lela Vickery - Keyboards, Percussion, & Vocals