The K-Tel All-Stars

About the Band

1970 to 1979 generated some of the greatest songs that continue to mold and shape the music of today. They have become the soundtrack of our lives. They are the songs we listened to on AM radios at home, in the car, and at the beach. From unforgettable masterpieces by major superstars to definitive singles by forgotten greats, to fun, quirky novelties by one-hit wonders, these songs are a fascinating combination of blissfulness and nostalgia that will live forever in our sentimental consciousness. Unfortunately the magic of the 70's seems to be lost forever... until now!

The K-Tel All-Stars are a stellar representation of a rock concert straight out of the 70's. Their show is engaging, professional, and exhilarating as they take the audience on a musical journey through the unparalleled songs that define a generation.

The band consists of five exceptional musicians from Southern California, each one of them an all-star in their own right. Borrowing from a vast collective experience, they are more than capable to perform each classic treasure both musically and vocally.

Sharing their passion for the hit songs of the decade is a job that the band takes very seriously. They meticulously examine each song down to the smallest detail, making sure that they deliver only the best quality representation of each and every musical gem. The K-Tel All-Stars:

  • Jeffrey Bryan - Piano / Keyboards / Lead Vocals / Background Vocals
  • Larry Hampton - Electric Guitar / Lead Vocals / Background Vocals
  • Seth Kreiswirth - Drums / Lead Vocals / Background Vocals
  • Michael O-Mara - Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Background Vocals / Percussion / Harmonica Brian Paulson - Electric Bass / Lead Vocals / Background Vocals